The best way to recognize the zodiac symptoms is to think about them
as twelve separate energy fields in space that encompass either
hearth, earth, air, or water. This is straightforward to recognize if you
consider what takes place while you pour water on fire. Obviously,
you realize that the fire is going out. In a sense, water has
eliminated it. We all know that fire and water are not

It is useful to understand that everyone are made from diverse
mixtures of fire, earth, air, and water energies. Our
specific mixture of these elements are discovered in our
astrological start chart. They screen who we are as a human

For example, if you have a number of fireplace symptoms (Aries, Leo, and
Sagittarius) in your nature you would not get together with a
individual who turned into 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibility born with a whole lot of water signs and symptoms (Cancer, Scorpio
and Pisces). You would sense that the water man or woman is simply too
emotional, sensitive, and incapable of dealing with truth.

On the alternative hand, the water man or woman would view you as blunt,
impulsive, smug, and insensitive to their feelings. People
come upon those forms of dramas every day of their lives, but
aren’t aware of what’s behind the conflicts they’ve with
different human beings.

To be greater particular, if you have your Moon in Cancer and your
co-employee has his Mars in Aries, he’s going to constantly be visible by using you
as a real jerk due to the fact his impulsive reactions worsen you
emotionally. If you knew that those are the symptoms which might be at
the source of your problems, you can discover a manner to work with
them. You might have the ability to talk approximately these variations and work
out an answer. You may even find it humorous!

It is useful to recognize that there are three hearth signs and symptoms, three
earth signs and symptoms, 3 air symptoms, and 3 water signs. When
planets are determined in those signs, they set off the energies of
the signs and symptoms. This is the precious information that a skilled
astrologer can find for you. He may even let you know what your
courting could be like with another individual BEFORE you even
get to recognise them.

If you exercise searching at your dating troubles on this
way, you may find solutions that you in no way idea imaginable.
All you want to do is explore those mystery realms of
attention and you will be well-rewarded with extremely good insights
into human nature.

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