It’s easy to see how this city is called: The La Manga strip measuring 21 km and an average of 300 meters, which gives the appearance of the “arm” of the ground when viewed from the air. La Manga separates the Mediterranean Sea from Mar Menor (which translates to “small sea”).

Although the price of real estate is high, relative to elsewhere in Costa Blanca, making it expensive to stay here, La Manga is a very popular place to visit. Here, travelers will find a number of hotels, shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants from all descriptions. There is something for everyone here. If you are set below 30, a popular place to hang out is in the Zoco area of ​​the city. And if you like yourself golfer, there is a high-end golf course with the same name located at the end of the strip. If you are a โดจิน water lover, La Manga is the right place for you too. You will find more than 40 km of beach blue flag, perfect for any water sports that you can mention.

Even for locals living in Murcia, Mar Menor is a favorite summer destination. When you visit you, you will experience interesting interference from local flavors and foreign diversity.

To get to the area, you have several choices. The nearest international airport is Murcia San Javier, which offers flights every day from U.K. And elsewhere in Europe will transport you directly to the Mary Mary area. Alternatively, you can choose to fly to Alicante airport. From there, you have to drive about an hour to get to the La Manga area.

The public transportation system here is not good, and Alicante Airport is about 85 km from Mar Menor, so it is a wise decision to find a hotel that offers a shuttle service or car rental. And if you plan to explore this beautiful area, you might want to choose a car rental option.

The official entrance to the Manga strip was marked by a lighthouse known as Cabo de Palos. Starting from that point, you drive along the length of the strip. When you are almost at the end of La Manga, near Veneziola Village, you will find the Yacht Club Tomas Maestre, near another lighthouse. If you are tired after your long journey, this is the perfect place to stop, relax and sipe coffee or cocktails in one of several restaurants overlooking the Menor.

Around the overall Minister of Menor is a beach and beautiful villages to explore, only one of them is La Manga de Mar Menor. This area, especially the La Manga strip should not be ignored when planning a trip to Spain. To plan a trip to this region is to convince yourself a vacation full of various activities and even a little relaxation thrown into the mixture.

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