The new Vivo Z 15 Pro has been introduced in the market with powerful features and an all new design. Coming with a big and bright screen, this phone gives an experience of what it is to be a professional. The dual cameras present on this model are meant for a group of individuals who want to have a good video recording experience. The price of this phone is not at all a high end one and is within the reach of everyone. However, it gives a feel of being a professional with its good looks and features.

Official Wexler colours: There are few colours vivo v15 pro that are associated with the high end smartphones of the brand and this includes the vivid red that is found on the vivo v15 pro. Other colours that have been spotted along with the vivid colours are the black and grey ones. The colour combinations are actually very good and would go well along with the other colours present in the handset. Lighter colours like blue, pink and white can also be spotted along with some dark colours like the blacks.

Display Technology: One of the best selling features of the smartphone is the Super AMoled display. It is powered by the Adreno sub processor, which is one of the most powerful and advanced mobile processors in the planet. Having four million pixels, this will provide a brilliant clarity when viewing the screen. Another remarkable feature is the curved screen that is present on the rear camera as well as the front camera. This allows the user to take flattering pictures with attractive effects when making the portraits. The vivid colours that are present on the Super AMOLED display are something that everyone will be able to appreciate.

Design: The body of the vivo v15 who has a very sporty design. With a thin and light aluminium frame, it provides a nice slim line that looks very good on the hands. This also provides a good amount of grip so that the users can perform all of the activities that they would love to perform on the smartphone.

Accessories: As you look to buy the vivo v15 pro, you must keep your eyes open for some accessories that you may find useful. These accessories include a micro SD card, an Alkaline battery, USB cable and a charger. The micro SD card allows you to store more photos and videos and also contains enough memory to download various games to your smartphone. Another important accessory that you should buy is the Alkaline battery which is able to charge the battery and even provide fast charging.

With these two key elements in your hand, you are now ready to buy the vivo v15 pro. The price of the device is quite attractive too. For around $250 you could get this device, which has a 1.3-inch screen. In terms of cameras, it has a little image sensor for taking videos and images. For fun, you should buy a high definition camera which has a higher mega pixel so that you do not miss out on the high quality videos that you take.

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